5 Holiday Workout Ideas

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For me holidays usually involve eating lots of delicious food and enjoying nice wine or some cocktails. If your only other holiday activity is sitting by the resort pool, then you may come home a few kilos heavier! Here's a few ideas to get you moving while you're away:

1. Make the holiday about being active

Sign up for an yoga retreat in Bali, a hiking holiday to Machu Picchu or bike tour through Vietnam. There's plenty of options for active escapes these days that combine exercise and sight seeing.

2. Walk rather than using taxis or public transport

I try to walk as much as possible while on holiday. It's a fantastic way to find your way around a new place and see the sights while getting your steps up at the same time.

3. Take part in some holiday activities

Snorkelling, hiking, kayaking, bike tours and standup paddle boarding are all great activities do while on a holiday. They're fun things that you may not make the time to do or have access to at home. Make the most of the opportunities available.

4. Make use of the hotel gym

Some hotels have amazing gyms and I find it a bit of a novelty to use them and try out all the facilities. Often you'll have them all to yourself too #winning

5. Take a class

At many resorts and in tourist areas there are often yoga or other workout classes you can sign up for and sometimes they're free! Make sure you ask the concierge at your hotel. 

Most importantly, don't forget you're on a holiday and the purpose of a holiday is usually to relax and have fun, so don't beat yourself up if you aren't sticking to your usual routine. Make sure you enjoy yourself.

Liv Aktiv xx


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