Stylish women's gym bags, do they exist?

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Stylish and functional women's gym bags are hard to come by, but yes they do exist. It's time to ditch your old sports bag and find a gym bag to compliment your activewear look. We've made it out mission at Liv Aktiv to find the best gym bags and bring them too you. So what makes our gym bags so special?


Activewear has come a long way in the past few years, but it's taken bag designers a while to catch up. Our bags don't look like the old sports bags your use to, they've got designer style so they'll look great with your gorgeous activewear. 

GymTote Women's Sophia Black Gym Bag Handbag


We look for gym bags that are functional with lots of pockets and compartments to carry water bottles, laptops, tablets, phones, notebooks, shoes, yoga mats, cosmetics...the list goes on. There's a place for everything you'll need during your day.


Hang Accessories Athleisure Yoga Tote Bag


Most of our gym bags are designed specifically for women who live active and busy lives. Their good looks combined with their functionality mean they can be used for multiple activities throughout your day. No need to switch bags when you leave the gym to meet friends for brunch. We've got you covered too if your going from gym to the office, with bags such as the GymTote which look right at home on the arm of professional women. 

Sol & Solene Walk This Way women's gym bag

Whatever your needs, we're sure we've got a carryall gym bag to suit you.

Shop our stylish gym bags now.

xx LA


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