Quick Facts

  • Launched in late August 2017
  • We sell stylish activewear bags online sourced from Australia, USA and UK
  • Based in Melbourne, Australia
  • Our customers are primarily from Australia and New Zealand
  • Liv Atkiv means Life Active in Norwegian


Why? We're passionate about inspiring others to live active, healthy, happy lifestyles. We believe what you wear should reflect your way of life and enhance it.

How? We make living your style easy. We've brought together the best collection of active lifestyle bags in one place. We’re available online anytime and we deliver to your door.

What? We’re a collection of stylish and functional bags designed with the active woman in mind. We get you through your busy day and make sure you have everything you need in one beautiful bag. We feel right at home in the studio, gym, at brunch, work or anywhere you want to take us really.

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From our younger days taking dance classes to hitting the gym for a cycle class now as an adult, we've always struggled to find a suitable bag that is functional and looks good!
With the growth in the activewear market over the past decade, designers across the globe are now making stylish bags with the needs of the active woman in mind. The problem is they're difficult to find.
At Liv Aktiv we bring together a collection of these bags in one convenient place.

We're very selective when it comes to choosing bags for our store. Features we look for in our bags:

  • Shoe compartments or bags
  • Laptop/tablet pocket
  • Adjustible straps
  • Internal and external pockets
  • Yoga mat holders
  • Stylish design

Our current brands are sourced from Australia, the US and UK. 
For more information take a look at our Brands page.